Plan Now For Your Spring Honeymoon

Posted by lfrazier on Jan 10, 2013

Just because the temperature has dropped, and snow blankets the ground in many parts of the world doesn’t mean spring is a long way off. The fact of the matter is it’s a whole lot closer than you think if you’re planning a springtime wedding. With all the details you’ll have to deal with in the coming months, now is the time to get a jumpstart on planning out your honeymoon fun.

If you haven’t already decided where to go, that’s the first detail you’ll want to see to. In fact, it’s one of the most important decisions to make now while you still have months to go before the big day.

Want to know why?

The truth is many of the world’s top honeymoon destinations are often booked months in advance. It doesn’t matter if you intend to go to Paris for your post-wedding escape, or you want to vacation at a dude ranch in Texas or Colorado, the earlier you decide, the better.

Haven’t picked a destination yet? Here are a few simple tips to help you and your honey decide:

  1. Consider your budget – While no one wants to put a price tag on romance, the fact of the matter is budgets do matter. Before you set your destination, determine how much you’ll have to spend. Remember, you can ask friends and relatives to help fund your trip.  Honeymoon registries are becoming very popular options – especially with gift givers that want to make sure they give you something you truly want!
  2. Consider what you really want to do – Even if your budget is best described as a shoestring, chances are you can find a great place to go to suit your desires. Just list out the things you’d like to do in your time together. If you want to relax on a beach, for example, and funding is a concern, why not stay stateside? American beaches are stunning in the springtime. If funding isn’t a big concern and you and your honey dream of exploring historic sites, why not plan a trip that features some of Europe’s hot spots?
  3. Ask the Experts – Now is absolutely the time to get a honeymoon travel planner involved in mapping out your trip. Even if you don’t know where you want to go or what you can afford with the money you have allotted, a pro that specializes in this type of travel can really help. An experienced advisor can assist you and your honey in figuring out the best places to go and stay to make all your getaway dreams come true. Chances are a pro can offer up ideas you haven’t even thought of yet too!