Pink and green inspiration

Posted by hchapple on Apr 20, 2009

This pink and green inspiration board is a beautiful example of some of my favorite spring blossoms.  One flower I absolutely adore is the Peony.  No other flower is close to this very full,very fragrant, very lush bloom it truly has no comparison. Brides love its size, fluffy petals and its rich color.  This is one flower that truly is best in season.  In Northern VA. you can expect them to be blooming from the mid to end of May. If special ordered, you are able to obtain them from other countries all through April and a few weeks in to June but be prepared to spend, spend, spend.

This board also has some other spring time flowers I just love like, Ranunculus. Ranunculus is available in almost every color and mimics a little mini Peony because of its tissue like petals and perfect form.  The amazing green you see in these photographs is snow ball bush Viburnum. This flower looks like mini green hydrangea and is often mistaken for them. It will eventually turn white and look just like its name. This is a old time shrub that is truly a classic, it never has a chance to develop in to a white flower on my property. I just love it in bright green.

Just to assure the brides marrying later in the season all of the other flowers used in this wedding can be obtained throughout the year.  Those blossoms included, green button mums, green spider mums, green bells of Ireland, green carnations, roses, freesia, stock, hydrangea, spray roses, larkspur, snapdragons and phlox. So you certainly have plenty of choices left to obtain this look.