Photography Don’ts…

Posted by rnewton on Feb 16, 2010

pic by daphne borowski

Here are my biggest pet peeves about wedding photography.  They don’t have anything to do with hiring the right photographer, or about how the photographer does his or her job.  And they are somewhat random, but more importantly, they are items over which you do have control.  So here goes:

Drinks first, then pictures …. oops, I meant pictures first, drinks second
Do people who have had too much to drink look like it?  Absolutely!  A glass of Champagne, c’est fantastique.  But use some caution there.  Get the personal pictures out of the way before you really kick into party mode.  Otherwise, a few years from now when your kids want to see your wedding album, they are likely to ask “why do you look so funny here?”

Hijacking the photographer
Your wedding day should not be your guest’s photo op.  Sure, you will want pictures of you and your new in-laws.  But do you really need to devote your cocktail hour to ensuring that Cousin Jerry – who you haven’t seen in fifteen years – gets his own picture of his family with you?  Think about the pictures you want in your album.  If it doesn’t belong an album (including parent albums) you don’t need the picture.  And if your photographer isn’t taking pictures of Cousin Jerry, he can be taking pictures of you and your guests having the time of their lives.  That’s what really matters, and that’s what you need to record.  BTW, make sure your photographer knows what you want before the wedding, don’t be caught having to make decisions on the spot.

And here’s the bridal party trying to evade the probation officer
If you plan on outdoor shots, ask your bridal party if any of them wear transitional (photo chromatic) eyeglasses (glasses that turn dark in the sun.)  Ask them to either wear other glasses or forgo them entirely.  Unless you want to look like you are surrounded by gangsters or rock stars  (the latter only works if they.)

Remember, pictures and evidence are one and the same!