Photographer…Worth Every Penny!

Posted by gerber on Jul 09, 2012

One of the things that are incredibly important to me is the photographer for my big day. I spend so much time looking at bridal magazines and websites and drooling over other couples’ photos that I want to make sure that mine are top quality too. This of course comes at a price.

Photographers take up a huge portion of a wedding budget, but for good reason. These people not only spend hours photographing your wedding but they spend a major amount of time after the fact. Their job does not end with the last dance. They edit, re-edit, print, put together albums, change things around and make sure that every detail is perfect. They are artists and they know that what they are doing will be one of the few things that you will look back on for a very long time. These are the images that will be the basis of your memories of your wedding day.

Your wedding photographer is someone that you are going to spend a lot of time with on your wedding day. They are going to be following you around like a puppy and will be sharing your most intimate moments with you (possibly even some in your underwear…) it is for this reason that it is essential that this is someone you can connect with and like.

Because I am doing a destination wedding I cannot personally meet and “interview” photographers. Luckily for me I have my power team back home that can…so after getting a few recommendations from locals and spending a long time on their websites and online portfolios I set up a few meetings for Gerber Mom and Gerber Big Sis.

Mom and Big Sis fell in love with photographer #1 and pushed me to book her immediately as she is super popular and I didn’t want to miss out. I had been emailing back and forth with her and will admit that I already felt a connection with her and knew that we would work well together. But me, being the worst procrastinator in the world wanted to shop around some more.

So I got some more referrals and set up some more meetings. Emailed a bunch more people and drove Gerber Mom and Gerber Big Sis crazy. In the end, of course I ended up where I started, with my amazing photographer Yvette Gilbert. I am so excited to work with her and I know that my photos will be awesome. I also know that I will be more than happy to have her follow me and Gerber Babe around the whole day.