Photobooth Inspiration

Posted by meg on Sep 22, 2009

One of the cons of being involved in the wedding industry is the onset of wedding envy, particularly after you have planned (and had) your own!

One of the moments when I thought to myself “I wish I knew about this when I was planning my wedding” is when I first saw fabric backdrops being used as makeshift photobooths! Let me first state for the record that I LOVED my wedding and wouldn’t have changed a thing. My photographer, Rodney Bailey, did an incredible job capturing every moment.  We just didn’t know about photobooths with fun backdrops back then. Ahem.


I love that the backdrops add some color and texture to images of you and your loved ones. It can be relatively inexpensive, especially if there is an existing wall with a neat pattern or wallpaper you can use to create fun and interesting portraits.

Images Via (from Left to right):
Brook Dombrowski, Steven MastrioanniDocumentary Associates, Martha Stewart, Think Photographics,  last 2 images via Our Labor of Love