Personal Details

Posted by morningglory on Mar 22, 2013

Every bride has all sorts of details throughout the wedding planning process that mean something special to her, but mine especially were my accessories.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry other than a necklace and my rings, so I wanted to keep my accessories simple. I decided to wear my great grandmother’s pearl necklace that was given to me years ago, along with another great grandmother’s ring that my mom had let me borrow to use as my “Something Old.” I based my other jewelry around those items and purchased a pearl bracelet (not real though!) with a fun gold bow on it and my “Something Borrowed” was a set of (not real, again) pearl drop earrings.

I also always wear my grandfather’s wedding band, but I didn’t think to take it off to have pictures taken with my other jewelry since I always have it on. You can see it in a few of the ceremony pictures below. I actually wear it as my wedding band now even though it is gold and my ring is white gold. It means that much to me since he passed away my senior year of high school.

My favorite part of my look was the flower in my hair! Our wedding was outside on the water, so I decided when meeting with the florist that I wanted to have some pop of color against my dark hair. It was a yellow cymbidium orchid with a little bit of red in the middle. I loved it!

Last but not least, the basis of our wedding was my garter. With MG Bear and I being HUGE football fans, I knew this would be one of my favorite personalizations to wedding accessories. I went on and found a Pittsburgh Steelers garter! I was in love.

The little details are personally what I remember most. I am hoping to pass down mine to my children one day!