Party Like a Dragon

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 05, 2011

Orchid Boy plays keyboard in this pretty awesome cover band called The Party Dragons.

A couple of years ago Orchid Boy and his musician friends decided to get together and put on a one-time-only show featuring some 70s funk, 80s…whatever you call that…and some random Beach Boys stuff. They rehearsed a total of maybe, I dunno, 10 times within a few weeks and went on stage at their local dive.

The show was kickass. Everyone had an awesome time and they played amazingly well considering how few times they actually got together.

Orchid Boy  had brought up the idea of having the band play at our wedding. We weren’t engaged, mind you. I told him that as much fun as it would be, he couldn’t BE the entertainment at his own wedding.

The group has gotten together a handful of times after that, often playing around Christmas and Easter when everyone is back in town. They rehearse less and less, but the show is always awesome.

After their last show, which was held during the Christmas weekend, Orchid Boy told me the guys asked to play at our wedding. I admitted that while watching them play, I had been thinking that it would be pretty fun to have them perform during the last 45 minutes of our reception. But, they’d have to rehearse for at least a week before getting on stage.

Orchid Boy said the band members were a little shocked that I gave the go ahead. I guess most brides wouldn’t let their fiance’s cover band play at their wedding reception. Especially when they have a history of not rehearsing. I think it would be awesome and a hell of a lot of fun.
Check out this video of what will possibly be our wedding entertainment…At least for the last 45 minutes anyway. This was taken at their last show, which included about five hours of rehearsal time. All things considered, it was a pretty great performance. Orchid Boy is hidden by that beam to the left of the screen, but every so often you get a glimpse.

The Party Dragons