Our Wedding Bands

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 21, 2011

It’s getting close to that time to pick out our wedding bands!  Lovebug and I have decided on bands I think we both will love…finally.  I don’t know if other brides feel this way, but picking the band was pretty difficult!  Here’s a bit of a back story: Lovebug got my engagement ring from my favorite jewelry store, Joson’s, close to my hometown in the Southern Maryland area. It’s this great little jewelry and home boutique and the owner is mucho knowledgeable about his things.  It’s an absolutely perfect ring for me: it’s vintage looking with some filigree on it AND the center stone is green – a tsavorite to be exact.  I am utterly OBSESSED with the color green and love that I am now wearing it every day.  🙂

My engagement ring 🙂

So my ring actually came with a “matching” wedding band.  Now I say “matching” because I don’t feel like it matches.  I trust the designer of my ring and know that he had an artistic vision when he created the band, but I came to the realization that it wasn’t going to work for me.  This ring is similar to the band I have:

It’s very delicate and flat, and has the ridges to “fit” with my ring.  Only, I don’t think it fits right.  Also, I am very into rings (I own around 80 of them) and I do not like rings that are flat.  I don’t think they flatter my hand. So, we went into Joson’s and had a conversation with Josh, the owner about it.  There were some options presented to me.  I could add some gold to my band to have it raised.  Or I could get another band that was more my style and that I would be happier with.  This is similar to the band I think I’m going with:

I like the thickness of this band much MUCH more and feel like it looks soo much better on my hand.

Lovebug’s choice was much easier. (I am soo not good at decisions!) He is a registered nurse and is very hard on his jewelry.  His watches get scratched up so easily.  So we found a ring at Joson’s that has a scratched look to it! It’s perfect.  It looks similar to this:

Anyone else have problems picking their bands? It was definitely much more involved than I anticipated!