Our Save the Dates!

Posted by morningglory on Apr 03, 2012

As I have previously mentioned, we are having a football-themed wedding! Try not to think football centerpieces or a football-shaped cake. More like the colors and theme revolve around our two favorite teams.

I had a heck of a time FINALLY ordering the Save the Date’s. When I envisioned them, I was SO excited and in a hurry to get them out and have everyone be like “omg how clever!” Well, we hit a few snags.

Snag #1: We had a friend take our football-themed pictures for the Save the Dates back in December. Well, we got five or six proofs back and only one of them we liked enough to use. Back to square one.

We ended up calling a friend of a friend who actually runs a little photography business and paid her for a mini-session and bam, perfect set of pictures and something to work with! See a few of them in my past post!

Snag #2: I ordered a PDF file from Etsy with our Save the Dates ready to go, so literally all we would have to do would be upload the picture to a website and order. Well, apparently 3″x7″ magnets are hard to come by.

I finally found a website that did something similar, like a photo booth magnet. So, I ordered a proof (because you never know nowadays how things will actually turn out with these internet companies) and here comes Snag #3! I ordered in mid-February and it didn’t arrive at my house until two weeks ago! I was furious and sent customer service an email letting them know how unprofessional it was and that if my full order was going to take the same amount of time that I wasn’t going to bother following through. Our wedding was six months away as of March 15th, so there was no time to waste in getting these out!

Apparently they had an unscheduled maintenance on their servers the weekend I placed my proof order which caused a hiccup in my order going out, but they assured me that proofs take longer to ship because it was not in bulk. When I received the proof and the wonderful way it was packaged in the envelope (fancy, like an invitation!) I decided to give it a go. I ordered it earlier this week and got a shipping notification already! I am still SO excited.

So, without any further delay!

Sorry for my lovely detailing work, but I have to keep some things private on the internet right? đŸ˜‰