Since Sunday is Father’s Day, we wanted to share some wonderful photos of fathers and daughters that we’ve had the privilege of featuring over the past few years. Grab a hankie, you may shed some tears with these.

Orr_Wainer_Studio_Moirae_JennaBrian253of772_low“Having my Dad on one side of me and Brian on the other gave me a security and feeling of overwhelming love.” -Jenna, married in Scottsdale, Arizona. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Studio Moirae


“For our father-daughter dance, my Dad surprised me by singing ‘My Girl’ with the band. It was such a sweet, once-in-a-lifetime moment and I was overjoyed. I don’t think there was a single dry eye!” – Karli, married in Keswick, Virginia. See the rest of her wedding
Photo by Dominique Attaway Photography

Lowe_Miklosovic_King_Street_Studios_CarolineandRyanweddingKingStreetStudios56_low“The moment that I can’t stop thinking about is the moment where my dad and I first turned the corner to walk down the aisle.  I will never forget this moment for two reasons: the first is seeing Ryan’s face at the end of the aisle. Words cannot describe the emotions that were pouring from his face at that point.  When I saw his face, I saw all of the genuine and pure love that he has for me, and at that point I knew how wonderful of a man I was about to marry. The second reason I love this moment is because I had the first man I would ever love, my dad, walking me down the aisle to meet the man who would take his place, and he never faltered one step.  My dad was there for me at that pivotal moment, fully supporting me and my decision to get married, which just showed how deep his love for me is.  So to be in that moment with the two men who love me the most was just breathtaking.” -Caroline, married in Charleston, South Carolina. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by
King Street Studios

SONY DSCMy dad walking me down the aisle was a moment that I will never forget. We bought top hats for all of the guys to wear. I didn’t want the guys to wear them during the ceremony because I knew I couldn’t take Chris seriously. Last minute, I asked my dad to wear his. It looked great on him, and in a way, it was as if he was giving Chris and the rest of the groomsmen permission to wear theirs.” – Charla, married in Johns Island, South Carolina. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Jason Hales Photography

Owens_Baker_Diana_Deaver_Weddings_MG5032_low“My favorite moment was walking down the aisle. I was so nervous and excited waiting to walk, but my dad helped make light of that and joked and teased with me.” – Chelsea, married in Awendaw, South Carolina. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Diana Deaver Photography

elegant-ranch-wedding-2“The day before the wedding my Dad had tried to convince me that I should ride up on a horse from the stables on the property. I thought it sounded like a crazy idea and went to bed thinking no way! The next day literally minutes before the wedding ceremony was about to begin, my bridesmaids and Dad convinced me to do it. So, off I went in my full wedding gear on top of this beautiful horse with my dad stabilizing me on the one side. I’m happy I did it because it was such a special thing!” -Jessica, married in Aspen, Colorado. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Cara Leonard Photography

Milowsky_Frate_Polis_Photography_MilowskyFrate04352_low“My favorite part of the ceremony was that my father was the Justice of the Peace and married us.” -Molly, married in Hanover, New Hampshire. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Polis Photography

katie-rivers-photography“A special moment for both Ryan and I was my father/daughter dance I shared with my dad, who is paralyzed. He was paralyzed four and a half years ago, so that moment really meant a lot to us. There wasn’t a dry eye during that dance, and I will forever cherish it.” – Liz, married in Cleveland, Georgia. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Katie Rivers Photography

Lutmer_Ray_Melissa_Copeland_Photography_132183_0825raywedding_low“One of the moments I can’t stop thinking about from my wedding day: My dad doing a kick line to the Beach Boys at the reception!” -Stefanie, married in Terre Haute, Indiana. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Melissa Copeland Photography

Montalvo_Whitlock_Mirelle_Carmichael_Photography_KristinRobDance516_low“My bouquet charm paid tribute to my late father’s memory. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing that he was with me in spirit that day.” -Kristin, married in Monterey, California. See the rest of her wedding here.
Photo by Mirelle Carmichael Photography