Our Dance Party

Posted by Dogwood on Sep 08, 2010

The one and only thing we knew for sure going into our planning was that we wanted our wedding to be a laid back beach vacation and heck of a good time for our guests.  A time for everyone to cut loose,  relax and forget about the worries back at home.  We knew the only way to accomplish this with our family and friends was to give everyone a high stepping, fist pumping, booty shaking dance party where everyone could release some tension with not a care in the world… WOW, was that a success!

I spent countless hours listening to music, reading every wedding song list and even sent out song requests to friends.  I wanted to make sure we had a perfect mix to get everyone in a good mood.  I came up with roughly 15 songs that I thought embodied our style and passed it on to our DJ, Daniel at Event My Way, and told him to work his magic! Of course there was a separate list of songs we didn’t want played… your typical wedding party songs, but our biggest request was that there would be NO slow songs except our first dance and Daddy/Daughter dance.  Since we were doing a destination wedding, I was never able to meet Daniel in person, just have a couple of phone conversations with him.  We spoke for a total of about an hour, and I have never been so impressed with someone who can read you like a book in that short period of time.  He knew exactly what we wanted based on my short list and our phone conversations and we ended up with a killer mix of 80s, dance hits and classic rock that kept everyone on the dance floor all night long! There were even times when I disappeared to talk to someone, only to show back up on the dance floor and be shunned to the carpet because there wasn’t room on the floor! It was absolutely amazing and more than we ever hoped for! I am still getting comments to this day about how much fun people had dancing the night away!  And in case you don’t believe me regarding the fun, here are some pictures to prove it!

Dogwood Dude and friends... there was a lot of terrible singing going on!

Dancing montage

Not for the faint of heart...

Thanks to Emily Harris Photography for capturing all the craziness and a big thanks to Daniel at Event My Way for creating the craziness!