Making the Internet Work for You

Posted by Plumeria Blossom on Jan 02, 2009


Though in real life I can be a bit disorganized (friends and relatives are currently snickering, I’m sure), there are certain things that I am absolutely anal about. Wedding planning is one of them. In order to make sense of the mountain of links, photos and documents that you’ll surely accumulate during your engagement, I’ve rounded up some handy sites.


This site is not just a seamless way to aggregate all of those handy links to vendors, venues and other planning websites. It’s also a social bookmarking site, which means you can browse the millions of bookmarks that others have saved. Basically, instead of using your bookmark feature in Firefox or Internet Explorer, you use Delicious’s tool to save links and add tags– like the ones here on BridalBuds — to put them into categories. You can also search by keywords to find useful links. I did one for florida keys wedding and up popped 33 links that other brides had saved. Very handy!


No matter what computer you’re using– the work machine, your fiancé’s laptop or your old clunker– all of those beautiful wedding inspiration photos will be easily accessible. Of course any online photo manager– like Flickr — will serve the same purpose. The tagging function is very useful, plus you can organize photos into albums/sets for more flexibility.

Google Docs

This is a very powerful way to manage the assorted spreadsheets, word processing documents and even presentations associated with your wedding. You can make them private or, better yet, share them with your other half so he has no excuse not to update his best man’s address on the invite list. Other ideas include time lines, vendor contact sheets and response lists.

Google Reader

Last but not least is my beloved Google Reader. For the uninitiated, it’s an aggregator for RSS feeds, which help you subscribe to your favorite blogs, news sites and more. That way you don’t have to keep revisiting sites to see if they’ve updated– Google Reader will collect all of the new content for you. It’s also a good way to organize the blogs and sites you regularly read, since you can create your own categories and make notes on individual entries as well.

I hope these sites will help you as much as they’ve helped me! What online tools have been invaluable to your wedding planning?