Oh decisions, decisions…Engagement Outfits 101

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 08, 2011

So we had our engagement pictures taken (finally) last week. First of all- let me just say that is was an absolute blast!!! Our photographers are amazing! But one of the most stressful things I had to do was decide what in the world Apricot Dude and I were going to wear! Let me share what we decided to go with, then provide some tips on how to pick and show you how they turned out!

I knew I wanted two different types of pictures. First, I wanted to do some more traditional, formal pictures that I know my Grandma would love. Secondly, I simply wanted some that were us. In jeans and comfy shirts, flip flops….just being ourselves! I was fortunate to find a dress for our more formal pictures that I LOVED. So I had one outfit down. Now onto number two- and I had no idea. I seriously think I bought 5 or 6 different shirts. I knew I wanted something solid, light colored and that sort of matched our wedding colors (peachy/corals/greens). Finally, I made a decision. Well, I thought I had. The day of our pictures, I had a few minutes to kill before my hair appointment so I ran into Banana Republic. Just browsing, I came across this fabulous shirt that I knew I wanted to wear for our pictures. It was like it was just calling for me! So I bought it and it turned out to be perfect!

Now for Apricot Dude….he was pretty open to basically whatever I thought would look nice. We settled on his favorite yellow button down shirt and khakis for our more formal pictures and jeans and polo for the others. It did take us quite a few stores to find a light green polo that we thought would look great with mine. (Quick word of advice: we found the EXACT same Tommy Hilfinger polo at TJMaxx for half the price of Macy’s!)

Here are a few tips that I have when looking for engagement outfits because there certainly are LOTS of decisions to make:

  • I recommend solid colors; not stripes or prints. Sometimes stripes and prints are not friendly.
  • Be yourself! Wear what you like…I LOVE flip flops so that’s what we wore!
  • Coordinate, do not match each other. Too matchy matchy looks wrong.
  • Make sure to iron, de-wrinkle, whatever you need to do to make your clothes look new
  • Be comfy…don’t wear your tightest jeans so you can’t even move or the shoes that kill your feet. That isn’t a very fun couple of hours…
  • Think ahead. We used bubbles (more on props in a later post) and spilled it all over Apricot Dude. But we had a towel handy to clean up….
  • Wear jewelry that matches…if your engagement ring is white gold, don’t wear yellow gold jewelry and vice-versa.
  • My opinion but don’t wear things that are dated (like summer scarves, leggings, etc) . You might regret it years from now when they aren’t in style. But then they’ll come back in style so maybe it will all work out!

I’m sure there are plenty more tips out there. What advice do you have for gals searching for their outfits?

Here’s how some of them turned out! My next posts will be about the use of props….because we used  A LOT of them!!

Pictures by Bh Photography

Pictures by Bh Photography

Pictures by Bh Photography