NEW: Yes, I Do Wedding Stamps

Posted by Caitlin on Apr 12, 2013

Photo: U.S. Postal Service 

The U.S. Postal Service revealed its latest wedding series stamps “Yes, I Do” and “Where Dreams Blossom” on Thursday, according to a press release. “Weddings are a time of joy and bliss. Months are spent selecting the perfect venue, ceremony, save-the-date cards and formal invitations,” it stated. “Now, couples can share two new pieces of art that are equally as beautiful as their cards and invitations.” The vast array of colorful blooms along with the symbolic words couples proclaim at their wedding make this stamp artistically beautiful. You can purchase the stamp on the U.S. Postal Service’s website or at your local post office.

What do you think? Would you use this on your wedding invitation? Let us know in the comments below!