New Bud on the Block – Honeysuckle

Posted by honeysuckle on Jun 21, 2011

Why…Heelllloooo there! I am Honeysuckle Bud and I am the newest edition to the garden! I am really excited to be a part of this great Wedding Planning community and I just can’t wait to start posting with all my ideas!

So a little about me? Well… I am a Mid-Twenties Quirky and Enthusiastic Midwestern Princess, addicted to Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos and Red Bull Energy Drinks. Hater of Turnips and Slow Drivers. I am a lister of lists and stresser-outer by nature. I love to laugh and go to the movies…I have seen 18 movies to date this year alone. (I don’t even want to think about how much money I spend on Movies every week.) I currently work at a local bank as a Personal Banker but always looking for bigger and better things. The last 5 years of my life were working 60 hours/wk in Sales and while planning my wedding, I wanted something as stress free as possible so I went to Banker’s Hours…literally!

I am getting married on March 17, 2012 – Not because it is St. Patrick’s Day – However, that does play a part in it, but rather that is my FH (we’ll call him Mr. Honey) & I’s current anniversary and it just happened to fall on a Saturday in 2012. It will be our 5 year dating anniversary the day we get married, along with St. Patty’s Day which is our FAV holiday – we are both very proud of our Irish Heritage!! We are having a destination wedding on Marco Island, Florida. We are only inviting around 50-60 guests to attend and plan on holding an “after celebration” gathering for all Friends and Family not coming to the actual Wedding.

I met Mr. Honey in college at a local bar where me and my friends went to every other night. He came up to talk to me, spitting some terribly cheese pick up lines. I interrupted his “Did you fall from Heaven because…” line and asked him what he was drinking. He had a pitcher of Captain Morgan and Diet Rum. Mmmm…my favorite. I grabbed the pitcher, turned around and walked away. One of my friends said Handsome Honey was just dumfounded. He was in shock, never had a girl steal his drink and walk away. I think he was intrigued, because he came over (after getting a new drink) and asked me out on a date. Sadly, I shut him down. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and was not interested in meeting anyone. Over the next few weeks Handsome Honey just kept asking (and getting shut down). After the third time, I got tired of saying “No” and accepted. After that date, we were inseparable! I got to know him outside of the bar & Frat Boy scene and slowly but surely fell in love with him.

He is 2 years older than me, so he obviously graduated College before me. After his graduation, he moved 2 hours away to the “Big City” and for 1 year 5 months of our relationship we had a long distance situation. It was a struggle and very hard to handle. We would fight and argue with trust issues but we survived, fighting tooth and nail to make sure we would. In April 2009, I moved myself and my son to the “Big City” and Mr .Honey and Honeysuckle Bud took the plunge and moved in with each other. After living together for almost 2 years, Mr. Honey proposed, on October 5th, 2010.

I wish I could say that my engagement was “Magical” or “Beautiful”, however, I can not. It was a random Tuesday when we were both off work together. My son was at school, I was upstairs blogging or doing whatever I do while Mr. Honey was downstairs in his man cave. He was wanting to go purchase a new MacBook, but I kept giving him trouble that he couldn’t go spend that much money because he “was trying to save for something special”. That is what he told me every time I wanted to go out and eat, or go to the movies, etc. After texting back and fourth  a few times (yes…we are THAT couple that will text in the house that we are both in) I heard him coming up the stairs. I wasn’t really paying much attention when he sat down next to me. I turned to look at him and he had a red box in his hand tied with a ribbon box on top. He handed me the box and asked me to open it, so I did. Inside was this Amazingly Beautiful 1.5 Caret Princess Cut Diamond set in White Gold. It took my breath away. I looked at him and he spit out “Will you Marry Me?”. When I screamed “Yes!” (instant water works started) he gave me a hug and kiss and proceeded to tell me to get my shoes on that we were going to Apple. As un-beautiful and un-perfectly planned as it was…I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. Mr. Honey is an unusual breed and I am drawn to his uniqueness. If he would’ve done it traditionally it would not have meant as much to me because I know it would not have been natural for him.

That is our story, I apologize that it was so long!! Back to the purpose of this post – I am just thrilled to be the newest Bridal Bud and I am looking forward to reading everyone’s ideas as well as posting some of my own!