My Save the Dates

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 30, 2010

I knew from the very beginning that even if I didn’t want to, I had to send out save the dates. I would say about 90% of my guests will be traveling to come to our wedding and I had to get them information as soon as possible to help them make arrangements to come to the wedding. I wanted our guests to have enough time to make travel arrangements (car, bus, plane, hotel) and save up the money to do so. I think that it’s a courteous thing to do… especially in this economy. It’s sort of like a warning that it’s coming up and it’s going to cost approximately this much.

Anyway, I wanted to share my Save the Dates now that they have been mailed out (I mailed them at the beginning of August) and received. As I mentioned above, I knew I had to send out Save the Dates even if I didn’t want to. However, I also knew from the very beginning that I did want to send out Save the Dates, even if I really didn’t have to. I originally dreamed of a picture save the date from our engagement pictures, but since I refuse to take our e-pics until I lose some weight, that wasn’t going to happen for the Save the Dates. And since our budget is smaller than average, I wanted something that wasn’t going to break the bank. I searched high and low, googled like crazy, for the perfect Save the Date. Since most of you readers are in the midst of planning a wedding, or have planned a wedding, you know just what I’m talking about. Stationary for the wedding is a big deal.

Image curteousy of Claire Sowden Design

At this point, I had already found my invitations. I found them while walking through Michael’s one day and knew they were just the ones. It meant changing one of our wedding colors (from blue to pink) but Sunflower Dude was totally supportive. I don’t think he cares about all the little details like I do. He’s been into the planning and stuff and I get his opinion on just about everything, but the little stuff he’s letting me just go with. lol. Anyway, I didn’t necessarily want the Save the Dates to match the invitations, but I did want them to at least “flow”. I’m not going to reveal the invitations just yet (I want those to be a surprise for family and friends and since I don’t know if they follow this, I’m not going to post it until after I send them out in the spring) but I got the invitations from Michael’s Craft Store and they are pink and green and… how can I describe them, whimsical? Yea, that sounds right. So, here are my Save the Dates:

Since mostly everyone coming to our wedding would be traveling from out-of-state, I thought this one was perfect. It was a template that I found here and uploaded to VistaPrint and added my own wording and information. Originally Sunflower Dude and I were going to print them at home but since our printer pretty much hates us (it doesn’t print correctly, ever!) and we don’t want to splurge on a new and nicer printer, I decided to go the VistaPrint route. It was really simple and painless and I googled for coupons–I ended up getting them for like 50% off and free shipping!! The actual Save the Dates are large “business” magnets. I thought the little magnets that are the size of business cards was too small and didn’t want people to lose them on their fridge. Oh! And the stamps were from Zazzle. We kind of have a bird them going (thanks to our love for Kurt Halsey) and it seemed perfect. I don’t know if we’ll do special stamps for our invitaions as well since it can be pricey to get specialized ones, but if there is a sale and they aren’t much more than regular stamps from the post office (like they were this time) I’ll go ahead and get them! All in all, I probably spent about $70 total on the Save the Dates–envelopes (from Walmart), postage stamps, magnets, and accommodation inserts.

Anyway, what do your save the dates look like? Or what did they look like if you are already married? Did you send them out?