My First Advice

Posted by orchid on Apr 24, 2012

So after Mistah J and I got engaged, I did what a lot of modern brides do–took to the web!  My eyes peeled website after website after website, trying to find tips from real brides like me that I would find useful.  Confession time, the topic of THIS particular post was found on another blogging bride site, similar to this one. *winces*  Don’t hate me, Garden! This ‘Bud is only human!

I’m actually very glad I was looking through this other blog (that shall remain nameless) because I stumbled upon something a bride recommended on her Save-The-Dates completely casually: a WeddingWire website! When I looked into it, I really loved all of the options I had through WeddingWire.  And to be honest?  Ever since I first saw Cory and Topanga do it on Boy meets World, I had always wanted a wedding website! I set one up immediately.

One of Mistah J and I's favorite couples! Courtesy of Google Images.

I feel a little silly writing this post, like it’s a shameless plug or something.  I can promise you it is not, especially since I had this website WAY before I was a bride.  But if there are any brides out there early in their planning process, especially if it isn’t going to be a small affair (because ours isn’t), I definitely recommend a wedding website! And WeddingWire made it SO EASY, so those of us who aren’t exactly HTML-savvy can rest at ease–you pretty much just plug in all of the right information and pick a theme! And you can get nifty little intros like this one!

Sorry, Garden, for all the secrecy. Though to be honest, I kinda like it 🙂

It’s a VERY pretty intro with nice Flash that’s going to make you look really impressive to your friends and family! What I like is the purple I chose is fairly close to the purple in my wedding! And when you click on the intro, you get something like this:

It’s cute, right?  Sorry for a repeat picture but as previously stated, the Joker and I have yet to take ACTUAL engagement photos.  I’ll change it when we get some better ones taken.   And do you like the shout out for the Buds I threw in there at the end?  I’ll admit it: that one IS a shameless plug but more for my family and friends then for you guys! 😀  As you can see here, from what I haven’t censored, on this website I have put the story of how Mistah J and I met , background information on the two of us, information about the actual day of the wedding, and when we actually get around to it, I’ll be able to post information about where we’re registered!

I found that to be EXTREMELY helpful, especially because of our rather large wedding.  (That’s coming later.  I’m starting to get a little nervous about the guest list…) I don’t have to keep repeating information over and over to everyone.  I’ve already posted it on my personal Facebook and will continue to as more information becomes available.  Plus, you get your own domain name so whenever anyone asks, I can just tell them that for any information they need, they can go to our website!  And you better believe that’s gonna be on our personal Save the Dates as well!

All of this, Garden, leads me to the first advice I can give you: get a wedding website.  It’s fun, it’s a cute way for people to learn more about you, and it can answer any questions anyone may have about your wedding!

So do you have a website?  Are you going to get one?  Sound off in the comments!