Mrs. Orchid

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 13, 2011

Hello, Garden. I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately. That last months of planning really hit me hard and no matter what your circumstances are, it takes some time to settle back into life post-wedding.

June 4 has come and gone and Orchid Boy and I are now Mr. and Mrs.

I made an honest attempt to figure out Creative Suite in order to make a nice display for my pictures, but between my very slow computer and my impatience, I’ve decided to go old school and unfancy.

The pictures I’m about to share in this narrative come from a few different friends and I’ll do my best to credit them properly. None are from my photographer as I have yet to receive the disk with all of the images, but you can check them out on her site.

The Big Day

I’m not a morning person by nature, so having a late-morning wedding was probably a bad idea. But, it all went pretty well. My wonderful cousin did my makeup and my regular hairdresser did my hair.

There was something about my bangs that bothered me and we spent a good 10 minutes attempting to figure it out. No matter what she did, I didn’t like it.

“Maybe, it’s because I wear them on the opposite side and I’m just not used to it,” I said.

“You wear your bangs on the other side?”


“Well THAT’S the problem! No wonder it’s bothering you!”

A quick flip of the bangs made it all come together.

The bouquets I crocheted await their respective maids. – Alexis DePersia Norelli

Orchid Boy and I decided to get our photos out of the way, which meant a First Look moment. He later admitted that he wasn’t exactly sure what a First Look actually was and put so much thought into it he began to mentally rehearse his reaction.

I couldn’t stop shaking – Signature Video

We piled into a limo and headed to the ceremony location for pictures. I was so happy that we did it that way because it was so much more relaxed than if we had taken photos after.

Me and my ladies wait for some late-comers - Peter Schober

Seriously, the grass I had to climb through to get this shot would qualify for a Trash the Dress session. - Signature Video

We got to take photos on this sailboat from the 1800s. Most of our guests were already at the venue and thought it was a little odd we were together prior to the ceremony. - Laura Rubilotta

After our photos, we waited for our big entrance. I thought that my walk down the aisle would be a bit anticlimactic since I had just spent the past two hours with Orchid Boy. But, I was wrong. I began crying almost immediately.

I walked down the aisle with both of my parents

Our ceremony was incredibly personal. As you read, my friend Alexis became internet ordained in order to preform our ceremony. It was more than I could have ever asked for. She did a wonderful job. We picked the reading and wrote our own vows. She filled the ceremony with laughs when she quoted the priest in the Princess Bride and made every moment a representation of us.

Orchid Boy and I exchange the vows we wrote ourselves - Laura Rubilotta

I've always wanted to do a sand ceremony. A unity candle just wouldn't do for this beach lover. - Laura Rubilotta

Our rings. - Peter Schober

After a lame rehearsal kiss, we made sure to do this one right. - Laura Rubilotta

Our ceremony was only 10 minutes long, which was a bit of a switch from what my family and friends were used to. Most were married in Catholic churches and subsequently sat through hour-long Masses.

With no formal receiving line, we began going up to people to greet them personally. It wasn’t something we planned, just something that happened. I actually liked it more than the awkward line of hellos. It also allowed us to avoid having to stop by every table at our reception. Since we didn’t have assigned seating, this would have been almost impossible anyway.

The best thing about being the bride is that during cocktail hour the servers don’t walk past you without stopping. I could also grab two mini crab cake balls instead of just one because I was the bride, dammit.

The food as a whole was amazing. I was absolutely floored and my guests were equally as happy. We paid $35 a plate, but it tasted like we paid so much more. Not to toot my own horn, but it was some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had.

The day was causal, laid back and fun. Those dressed in suits and ties were told to take off their jackets and let loose. Our guests were free to mingle and sit where they pleased. We were given many compliments on the informal nature of the day. People felt comfortable and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Our first dance was to Stand By Me by Ben E. King – Alexis DePersia Norelli

I think we did pretty well, all things considered. - Alexis DePersia Norelli

This peanut butter and Nutella cake was made by my cousin. Everything, including the cake toppers, was edible.

It was an amazing and wonderful day. It was exactly how I imagined it would be. Everyone had fun, ate well and enjoyed every minute of it. It really was the most amazing day of my life.