Mini-Honeymoon Booked!

Posted by morningglory on Feb 02, 2012

In my last post I talked about waiting to book our honeymoon. Well, we officially decided to wait until late January 2013 to book our “real” honeymoon to Antigua, so we decided to plan a so-to-speak “mini-honeymoon” after the wedding.

So I know you are thinking, why plan a mini-honeymoon when we can just do the real thing? Well, MG Bear and I have a flight credit with Southwest that we have to use before October of this year, so instead of wasting the money we already spent we figured why not go somewhere after the wedding! Plus, we won’t be taking our week long trip to Myrtle Beach because of all this wedding stuff. We decided to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (which is only a 2 hour flight for us from Maryland) and after doing some research we found the Beach Comber Resort right on the beach! They have great prices on rooms and it looks perfect for the laid back vacation we are looking for.

We figured that after the stress of the wedding that it will be nice to take a little trip to the beach and enjoy ourselves. We are only going for four days so we don’t ruin the feel of the actual honeymoon. All I know, is I can’t wait to get my toes in the sand! 🙂