Meet the Newest Bridal Bud – Snapdragon!

Posted by snapdragon on Mar 29, 2012

Hey gang! I’m Snapdragon Bud, a Milwaukee bride-to-be who couldn’t be more excited to share my journey in planning our super personal, detail-filled and most fabulous day with you all.

A little about Mr. Snapdragon and I: First thing’s first – can you believe I’m marrying the boy next door? I moved into my apartment right next door to his in July of 2008. Just a few weeks after moving next door, we hit it off over a love of music and dorky humor and have been laughing and rocking together ever since!

We bought our first home together last May and have been adding our own DIY, personal touches to it since. We’ve both got an eye for design and love piecing together our sweet little home. Also taking up residence in our house is a fluffy little feline named Mr. Pancakes. P-Cakes (for short) is just slightly spoiled, and loves passing time by playing fetch with us (seriously… you’ve gotta see this guy in action!).

We were engaged the morning of December 23rd, 2011 (check out my profile for a detailed account of the proposal!). With over a year before our wedding, you’ll all get to see every. little. detail. of our wedding experience – the crafty, the pretty and the downright dirty. I’m so excited to be a part of such a wonderful place to share ideas and experiences leading up to the day of our dreams!