Meet the Aces: Jack Hou

Posted by meg on Aug 26, 2009

Today we introduce our newest WeddingAce, Jack Hou.  Jack is a DJ/Lighting Designer from LA. After attending the weddings of many friends, Jack decided that there was room in the wedding industry for him. Taking a unique approach by incorporating lighting design, Jack is more than just a DJ.

Keep reading to learn more about Jack and check back later this week for Jack’s first WeddingAces post!

Wedding Aces: What is the name of your business?

Jack Hou: TMMPRO (The Music Man Productions)

WA:: How many years have you been involved in the wedding industry?
JH: On and off the last 7 years.

WA: Why did you decide on DJ/MC & Lighting?

JH: I’ve always had an interest in music and pretty much never had a problem with speaking in public. So when I moved out to LA from East Coast, I started attending friends’ weddings. I came to the conclusion that there weren’t too many bilingual DJs that understood the Asian Heritage and able to infuse good contemporary music. Most DJs & MCs, I’ve seen were really good at spinning, but didn’t speak the language or were really good with the Asian language, but had a slight generation or age gap with the bridal party.

The Lighting & AV part is given. At weddings, we setup slide shows and so on. I started lighting 3 years ago because of the tremendous ambiance and element it brings to the overall appeal of an event.

WA: What are some tips you can give to brides planning their weddings?

JH: Enjoy meeting and listening to all your options. Have fun, but on the same token, have a priority list. If you can afford everything, great. If not, prioritize.

WA: What is one of your favorite trends in weddings right now?

JH: Last couple of years were photo booths and candy buffets. This year, I see a lot “Sundae Buffets” & on site Painters…

WA: What is one of the most unique requests you have had from a bride?

JH: Narrate their Tea Ceremony in English so the Non-English Guests would comprehend.

Serenade the father & daughter with a song.

Do stand up comedy to keep the waiting guests from getting bored while the bride is still getting her makeup done.

Pretend to speak Japanese at My Friend’s “Chinese & Japanese Wedding”….I think, I finished every sentence with a “Son” or “Do”. The bride’s side was probably wondering why the DJ was mentioning “Sashima Deluxe” in the same sentence as “Irchiro son.”

WA: How do you spend your time outside of work?

JH: Spending time in the gym and with my baby daughter. I’m also always looking and shopping for the latest lighting & Audio gadgets.

WA: Why did you want to be a WeddingAce?

JH: I enjoy my wedding events tremendously and hopefully my experiences (good or bad) might prove helpful or at least get a chuckle out of some of the readers…