Marriage License

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 08, 2009

Lotus Dude and I were in Columbus this past weekend for an old friend’s wedding.  I have to say we had a wonderful time at the wedding, but the weekend was extra special to us because we went to Columbus early Friday morning in order to get our wedding license.  All in all, it was a relatively painless process.  We checked the website for the requirements months ago to make sure we had the necessary documents.  Thankfully all we needed was government issued photo identification, social security cards, and cash for the fee.  I even called to double check that nothing else was required.  It might have been overkill, but better safe than sorry.


I should have been as careful about making sure that I had the required documents ahead of time.  I almost had a heart attack the night before our flight to Columbus when I couldn’t find my social security card.  Thankfully, Lotus Dude averted the crisis by finding it.  However, it would have saved us both some worry if this ordeal hadn’t been at the last minute.

Everything went mostly smoothly at the courthouse.  They have the capacity to allow people to fill out the application online before coming in.  If your jurisdiction has this option, I highly recommend it.  We simply had to provide the application number to the clerk and she was able to pull up all our information.  The couple in front of us had not filled out the online application and it certainly took them longer to complete the process.

Everything feels much more concrete now.  Less than 30 days to go and we now have everything that is necessary for us to get married!