Maga’s Wedding Favors

Posted by maga on Aug 09, 2010

The process of determining the favors that Towie Bear and I would distribute at the wedding was one of those decisions where I felt I was going to loose my mind.

We considered having a candy table that showcased our wedding colors as well as our favorite candies.

Image from The Knot

I obviously thought of M&M’s!

Image from The Knot

The Knot sells these cute CD labels that we were almost ready to purchase, but we didn’t feel completely attached to the idea.

Image from The Knot

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against giving a Hershey bar or candles as wedding favors. We just weren’t completely sold in these ideas. The searched continued for months and months. And then, my mother helped us with an elegant idea which I will share in my following post.