Lovely Lavender and Perfectly Purple Bouquets

Posted by hchapple on May 21, 2009

Lavender flowers and even shades of purple are incredibly wonderful to design with. Some color pallets are very limiting with only a few different types of blossoms available but not this color.  Almost all flowers come in some shade of lavender or purple. This gives the bride lots of options and flower choices. This bouquet was created with white Peonies, lavender Freesia, lav Clematis, lavender Lisianthus, the herb Lavender, lavender Scillia, lavender Scabiosa, and a combination of herbs and foliage’s.

This all dark purple bouquet is loaded in drama and was created of only two types of flowers, purple tulips and deep purple callas. The calla variety is Schwarzwalder. What I love about this design is it’s contemporary flare and style.  This bouquet proves purple can be very now.

The next purple prize is a bouquet of white football mums, purple Allium, and white Callas with a purple center. This verigated Calla is called Picaso. To brighten up the bouquet and to give interesting lines to the cluster we added the green Cymbidium Orchid. This design would look lovely with white Cymbidium’s as well. If you look closely you can also see a smaller Orchid that is white with purple dots.

This next bouquet was created with lavender Roses, Purple Trachelium, Eryngium, lavender Phlox and purple Eustoma also known as Lisianthus. The bouquet was collared in lemon leaves. This piece has some very common flowers with a very edgy look.

If you are thinking about this color palette you will not be disappointed the possibilities are endless.