Love Shacks: Our Favorite Huts On The Beach

Posted by lfrazier on Nov 21, 2012,r:4,s:0,i:100

Are you looking for a honeymoon experience that’s romantic, unusual and highly adventurous without skipping the luxury department? Then, take a cue from that catchy song and head on down to the Love Shack!

What’s a love shack?

Nope, they’re not tin-roofed joints that are hopping every night of the week with music, libations and get-togethers. That, however, doesn’t mean you won’t find happening night spots near to the love shacks we’re suggesting for your honeymoon though.

In this case, the love shacks we have in mind are on-the-water or over-water bungalows. Think Robinson Crusoe meets your favorite 5-star resort, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The best love shacks in the world for honeymooners combine that intimate privacy that Crusoe enjoyed with the romance of a tropical destination and the impeccable service honeymooners deserve.

So where are the best destinations for finding utterly romantic love shacks? Believe it or not; you’ll find them all over the world! Our favorite huts on the beach though are found in Tulum, Mexico and Belize.

While each destination is very distinct, they both have a few things in common that make their love shacks top our list. They are:

The beaches – Tulum and Belize are both famed for their stunning beaches and miles of coastline. In both destinations, you can enjoy the surf, sand, sunshine and topnotch water sports that you’d expect from a tropical vacation.

The privacy – The love shacks found in both Belize and Tulum are designed to provide honeymoons – and other couples in love – with the privacy they crave. Guests at resorts throughout these two locations will find the very best in service when it’s needed and the utmost privacy when they desire it. The accommodations in both locations, by the way, are simply stunning. While we’re calling them “love shacks,” luxury is truly found in every room detail.

The other possibilities – Honeymooners don’t always want to stay locked up in their rooms for days on end. When it’s time to get out explore and have some fun, both Tulum and Belize deliver. In both locations, you’ll find wonderful dining, eco-tourism opportunities, historic sites, shopping, nightclubs and more all waiting for you to explore.

If you’re looking for something tropical, yet highly distinct for your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with a love shack. To find out more about booking a bungalow for two, just consult with your honeymoon travel advisor. This pro will be more than happy to help you find just the right accommodations in the perfect destination for your romantic adventure.