From Russia with Love Lockets near the Wedding Bridge in St. Petersburg last month. Lockets are personalized with  sayings and/or the names of the bride and groom and often flourishes of ribbons.

{Photo, Marjorie Maxfield}

{St. Petersburg Russian Wedding Love Locket Tower. Photo, Marjorie Maxfield}

How do I love thee! Let me say it on a love locket…

Korakuen, Japan — A colourful wall of locks, all attached by couples, can be found in an amusement park in Korakuen, Japan. Korakuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and is located in Tokyo.


{Wroclaw, Poland. Photo.}

Mt. Namsan’s N Seoul Tower in Central Seoul, Korea is a wall of love lockets symbolizing a wedding tradition in the Far East.


The unique love locket trees of Moscow, found on the city’s Luzhko, Bridge.