July 4th Weddings – A curmudgeon’s view

Posted by rnewton on Jul 03, 2009

My wife calls me a curmudgeon.  Or a grump.  Sometimes I’m a crank, other times a scrooge.  A contrarian as well.  I’ll live with it.  But I won’t change my opinions.

So, for all of you thinking of red, white and blue for your July 4th wedding, I’m going to rain on your fireworks.

Your wedding is not and should not be a theme party.  It already is one, and the theme is love, partnership, family and all those other wonderful things that go along with marriage.  That is the only theme that matters.  Anything else is a distraction and dilutes the importance of what really counts.

OK, there are exceptions.  If  you are a military couple, and the military is your life, by all means incorporate.  No one will question the genuineness (myself included, especially if the groom is bigger than me.)  And if someone important can’t be at your wedding, perhaps serving in Iraq, by all means mention and honor them.  But at the end of the day, this one’s about you and, per our wonderful Declaration of Independence, your unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

PS: to all my wonderful, talented and creative colleagues on Wedding Aces, I love your ideas, but I’m not giving out my home address.