Joey and Nick’s Wedding!

Posted by fkhosravi on Jul 06, 2012

You could count on two things on that breezy April day: the fragrance of purple lilacs and the unconditional love of two hearts!

A beautiful love story of Joey and Nick. Nick is a lawyer and Joey is a physician.  They live and work in New York City.

Joey: We met in New York City through a mutual friend over a bouquet of flowers. Melissa asked if I would take a break from studying and accompany her to bring flowers to her friend, Nick, for his birthday.  I said, “Yes.”  Our relationship bloomed instantly.  A year later, we had our engagement party at the Central Park Boathouse.  And a decade later, when marriage equality was passed in our home state of New York, we said, “I do.”  We were married on April 21, 2012 at the Roosevelt Hotel in a ballroom filled with our family and friends, and the most fragrant lilacs.

They entered the ceremony to a very romantic and memorable song by Vintage String Quartet.

Dana, their friend and officiant, married them. She also helped them choose vows emphasizing individuality, togetherness, and unconditional love.

A beautiful arch of purple lilacs arranged by Elegant Affairs brought back memories for Nick of his childhood backyard.

Joey: Our cake tasting and design meeting with Sylvia Weinstock was unforgettable.  She has an amazing aesthetic which is matched with an incredible intuition about the palate.  Sylvia suggested an unexpected and wonderful combination of pistachio, coconut, and caramel fillings for our angel food layer cake.  Our imaginations weren’t strong enough to predict how beautiful and delicious the wedding cake turned out to be on our special day.

Joey: Nick’s mother has an incredible artistic gift and we asked her to share her talents for our wedding.  She did the calligraphy for our invitations and place cards.  She painted our monogram on our guest book.  For our table cards, instead of numbers, we chose towns, neighborhoods, and landmarks in New York that hold special memories for us.  Nick’s mother created the table card calligraphy and added a drawing to each card that was symbolic of each place.  Her artistic touches brought something personal and irreplaceable to our event.

They chose to gift a pair of chocolate hearts from Godiva to their guests as a wedding favor for sentimental reasons. Joey gave the identical box to Nick on their first date.


With love,


Photography by Cody Raisig Photography