I have a passport!!

Posted by lilac on Sep 03, 2010

I wrote a post telling you how to “DIY” your passports. Well, now I have mine!

From travelagentcentral.com, click for their breakdown of passport prices

I received it in the mail and a few days later had my birth certificate returned to me. My job often finds me running to the county’s Clerk of Courts office (where we applied for passports). When I told the ladies there that it arrived they had some advice for me that I want to share with you. They told me to come see them as soon as we return from our honeymoon so that I would save the most money on changing my name on my passport. Don’t wait on this, if you get a passport and change your name within a certain time period I’ve been told that they waive the fee!

It feels so nice to have one and makes me feel a lot less stressed about travel. Just don’t forget to sign your passport!