Posted by moon on Sep 01, 2010

Hurricane season was a consideration very early on in determining our wedding date and location. We decided to risk it when we chose our location along the coast in the peak of hurricane season. My family has vacationed along the Outer Banks for 26 years, and we were only evacuated for a hurricane one time, for Hurricane Bob. The last few days, have been full of news on the action in the Atlantic. Our wedding is next weekend (10 days away), and that red dot (Gaston?)  in the lower right is really starting to make me nervous.

We do have backup plans in case of rain, however, nothing is as ideal as a ceremony on the beach.  We are hoping for the best. The funny thing is, right now the focus is on Earl, who seems to be taking the same path as Bob did back in 1991. While we evacuated and ended our vacation early that year, its damage to the Outer Banks wasn’t as devastating as others in recent years, though it hit Massachusetts pretty hard. Earl will be long gone by the big day, but we’re still far enough away that a new storm (or two), could develop and impact our big day. Right now its anybody’s guess.

As a bride bent on making the day “perfect”, I try to keep reminding myself of all the things I have no control over, first and foremost, the weather. The only thing that really matters is the Love and Commitment between Moon Dude and myself, whether it happens indoors or out. Whatever happens with the weather will only make our union more memorable. 

Rain or Shine, I’m Getting Married!