How to Register for Your Wedding

Posted by dostomel on Feb 08, 2013

Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life and is probably the most memorable. It’s also the event that requires the greatest amount of preparation, which can lead to quite a lot of tears as you approach your big day. Much of the frustration comes from the awkwardness that often surrounds gift-giving; after all, you know what you want, but you can’t seem to find a way around getting something that you know you’ll never use. Luckily, with a cash wedding registry the stress of asking for and receiving gifts doesn’t have to be a problem.

Tell Them Your Story: Most couples these days create wedding websites, which offer plenty of opportunities for personalization. Your guests were invited  for a reason; they care and want to wish you well on your big day. They want to know all about how it happened. How did you meet, what happened on the first date, who popped the question? Throw in some fun anecdotes from your relationship for good measure. Let your well-wishers experience your love story and get to know how the two people standing at the altar got to where they are.

Make a Registry: A cash wedding registry is the perfect opportunity not only to get what you want, but also to get what a couple embarking on a new life together needs. So don’t forget to include things like money for down payments and kitchen appliances for your new home, along with that evening gown and cruise tickets you’d like for your honeymoon.

Keep In Touch: Stay in touch even after you send the thank you cards! Make sure to send frequent updates with pictures of what you and your partner are getting up to. When you start your life together, keep all the people that helped make it possible in the loop. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you helped a couple start out on a long and happy life together!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the registry that Ben and Daniela made, or this one by Rachel and Adam.