How to Register for A Home

Posted by dostomel on Dec 26, 2012

Weddings are all about helping a couple celebrate the start of their new life together. What’s more important to a new life than a home to live it in? I’ve met a lot of couples who don’t place table settings and blenders at the top of their priorities, but rather, they want to buy their first home. For them, I always recommend a home down payment registry. Perfect for the couple who needs a little help with the down payment and for the guest looking to give a truly meaningful gift.

1. Share Your Story: Most online home registries come with options to personalize. No detail is insignificant! Your loved ones want to know everything about your new home and the life you’ll build in it. Your loved ones want to hear your story’s past, and know how they’ll contribute to its future.

2. Create a Gift List: Using an alternative registry doesn’t have to mean forgoing the gift-giving experience. Rather than setting up a general Home Fund for friends to donate to, add all the different items that will be a part of your new home so guests can contribute to something specific. With many options, they can choose the gift that they think you’ll love most.

3. Don’t Forget to Personalize: Your registry will likely come with many options to personalize. Add pictures and videos, tell them your story and your plans, and make sure they know exactly how important your new home is to you. They want to know that they couple they love is behind the registry.

For the gift that truly keeps on giving, a new home can’t be beat! With a home down payment registry, give your guests the option to give you a gift that lasts a lifetime.