How to make a Wedding Veil: DIY

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 01, 2011

My Attempt to do a Wedding Veil

“Back in the day,” when I was trying on wedding dresses, I discovered how ridiculously expensive wedding veils were.  The typical cost of a 2 tiered wedding veil is $150-$500.  You probably can get a super cheap wedding dress for that cost!

Well, to save a couple hundred dollars, I decided to make my own wedding veil.  Overall, it only required some basic sewing skills.  I didn’t even create the veil from scratch!  I got a pre-maid two tiered veil from Joanns Fabric Store.  It was a lot simpler then I thought it would be.

Wedding Veil

Veil from Joanns

This is the two-tiered pre-made veil that I got at Joanns.  You can purchase this pre-made veil at any craft store.  It includes the veil and comb.  Also, on the back it tells you directions on how to attach the comb, hair band, or whatever you’re using to the veil.   (A lot of times, Joanns and Michaels have 40-50% off coupons.  You can search for Michaels coupons online or sign up for the newsletters at Joanns)  Original price for this is $14.99.

Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Type of Glue to Use If you want to add embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, etc., you should use this glue.  Before putting the lace on, I put on pearls to embellish the sides.  It usually took about 5 seconds for the pearl to stick onto the veil with just a dab of glue.

Sewing Tools

1.Scissors– use scissors that you ONLY use for fabric.  If you use these scissors for paper or other purposes, try to avoid this.  It will dull the scissors making it harder to cut material.
2. Thread– Use thread that matches your lace or veil color.
3. Pins– Use at least three to pin your veil so it won’t get scrunched up when you sew the lace down.
4. Threading Needle: Just need one.   Use one that is about 1 inch long.  You don’t need a big needle.
5. Cushion: I used the fleece material as a cushion to pin the veil down.  You can pretty much use anything, as long as it’s flat.  Most importantly, I used a black fleece so I could see the veil.  The black fleece is shown in the picture.

How to Pin Veil Down When Sewing Lace On

Preventing Scrunching: These are what the 3 pins are for.  This is to prevent the veil from scrunching up while sewing the lace down.  Make sure to flatten the material first before pinning it down. Also, you don’t want to stretch out the material too much, you want to keep it relaxed still.

Sewing Line

Where to Sew
When I sewed the lace on, I used the border (which is the thicker white part) to guide me along.  This picture shows the back of the veil.

Final Product!

Final Product!
Sorry this picture is kinda at a weird angle.  I wanted to make sure you could see the whole thing.  I’ll try to get a picture of me or someone else wearing it to give a better view of it.


Pre-Made Veil: $14.99 + w/ Joanns 50% off coupon= $7.50

Lace: 3.99/ yard (Use about 8 yards to be on the safe side) +40% off Joanns coupon= $20

I already had the scissors, thread, pins, needles, and glue.

Total: $30 compared to…$200+

For more information on how to make veils, I found these videos to be very helpful…

How to add lace, beads, and etc.:

How to attach the comb, hair piece, etc.:

How to stitch a full length wedding veil (chapel):

Final Tip:

A lot of bridal salons let you rent your wedding veil for free if you purchase the dress with them!  That’s what I’m going to do.  Free 99…now you can’t beat that!  =)


Any other suggestions?