How to Announce Your Engagement

Posted by Kim on Jan 04, 2013

Photo by Servidone Studios

You probably want to shout the news of your engagement from the rooftops. And while that may be an option, there are more efficient ways to share your big news. Here’s the right way to do it.

1. Tell Your VIPs Some couples prefer to enjoy a few private days of being engaged before spreading the word, while others want to share the news right away. However you decide to proceed, be sure to tell your closest family members and friends first – preferably in person, or, if there’s a long distance between you, by phone. Usually the bride’s family is the first to know, then the groom’s, then close relatives and friends. As you’re telling family and friends, let them know to keep the news off Facebook and Twitter until you give them the go-ahead. It may take a few days to get in touch with all of the people you want to tell via phone or in person, so be patient!

2. Get Formal The most traditional way to announce your engagement is to send out formal engagement announcements and/or place an ad in a local newspaper. While you certainly don’t have to go this route, it’s commonplace in some areas, so feel free to go for it! Check out some announcement cards in our photo gallery.

3. Have a Party Engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate your exciting news. You can go a few routes with this: you or either set of parents can throw a party, or your friends may offer to throw a celebration. It’s important to note that if you or your parents are hosting, you should only invite guests who you fully intend to invite to the wedding. If your friends are hosting, they can be more lax with the guest list. We recommend keeping things relatively casual for your engagement celebration – a cocktail reception at a favorite restaurant or a backyard BBQ, rather than a formal event at a grand space. Find vendors for your engagement party on EventWire.

4. Set Up a Site If you’ve got a great proposal story (and really, who doesn’t?), share it on your wedding website. The link to this site should only be provided to those who are actually invited to your wedding, though.

5. Take Some Pictures Set up an engagement session with your photographer, once you’ve booked him or her. You can use the photos for save-the-dates, your wedding website, and at your wedding itself.

How are you announcing your engagement? Let us know in the comments!