How Lighting Can Add Instant ‘Wow”

Posted by lauer on Jul 28, 2009

Most of the couples we work with don’t give a second thought to adding decorative lighting to their ceremony or reception venue.  It’s not something you’ll see on a checklist in a book or something your mom used at her wedding.  However, lighting has been used for stage productions for centuries and always makes “the show” look more amazing.  Wedding decor is becoming more and more theatrical.  Why not use beautiful event lighting for your wedding?

We planned a wedding in 2007 that had some phenomenal lighting!  I thought I’d share some photos to show you the difference.  Here’s ‘before’:

…and ‘after’:

photo by Greg Gibson Photography

Huge difference, no?  Obviously it’s a slightly different angle but you can tell it’s the same event (check out the cake).  Luckily we were in a space that was beautiful even without the lighting….the added effect just added some amazing pop.  Guests were ‘wowed’ when they walked into the room.

Here’s a more recent wedding that wasn’t as lucky with the venue’s existing decor.  Check out this room, which is otherwise rather drab and institutional:

….and ‘after’:

Lighting is a great way to jazz up almost any space!  Have you considered it for your wedding?