For my first couple of posts, I thought about giving back story on the Joker and I.  How we met.  How he proposed.  All of that.  And while, yes, that all WILL come, I didn’t want to lead with that.  I worried if the first couple of entries were all just back story and nothing to do with the wedding at all, you guys might get a little bored.  But I will show you my ring, since everything started with that in the first place!

Personal photo, taken from my cell phone.

Here it is! The food in the background IS a little bit of a hint to the story.  It happened at a party! 🙂 But more on that later.  I love it soooooo much and think Mistah J did a VERY good job of picking it all by himself.

Anyway, instead I thought I’d start with a bang.  Instead of starting with the most important question I’ll ever be asked, I thought I’d start with one of the most important questions I’ll ever ask: how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids.  And the reason I’m starting with that one is because I thought it would be super cute that for my first REAL post (not just introducing myself), I would blog about my first Wedding DIY Project!

Oh you bet there’s more…

I knew in advance all of the girls I was going to ask.  And most of them knew I was going to ask them.  I even knew how I was going to do it! And while I probably could have waited a little while longer to start asking everyone officially, I was way too excited and and wanted to get started right away! So when the Joker proposed on Friday, and I knew I would see at least one of the girls on Sunday, I jumped onto my very first DIY project. On Saturday I ran to my local Wal Mart and picked up everything I was going to need: ring pops and a small box of some kind.  I was hoping for maybe an individual cupcake box but instead found these really cute butterfly themed Chinese takeout boxes.  Since they were too big for just the ring pop alone, I went ahead and bought some colored Easter grass to fill the box with. (It IS spring, after all!)  So here we go! It’s such an easy craft, I almost feel a little silly writing a post about it.  But here’s how I did the “ring pop proposal” for my bridesmaids!

(All personal photos from here on out)

Here are all of your materials!

Sugar free ring pops since my ladies have dresses to fit in! (TOTALLY kidding!)

Step One: Open up box and put grass inside of it.  Make it as full as you like.  I did somewhere between one-half and three-fourths full, definitely enough to where the clear butterfly on the front was completely colored in.

My awesome hand putting grass into boxes.

Step Two: Take Ring Pop out of wrapper and place inside box like so. Stuff it inside in the grass, sitting it where the ring part is up (like it would in an actual jewelry box).

Step Three: Close bottom flaps

Step Four: Close top flaps.

And you’re done! Brilliant, Right? As I gave them to each girl, I said “It’s my turn to pop the question.  Will you be my bridesmaid???” or “Matron of Honor???” with my MOH.

See what I mean about the grass completely filling the butterfly?

And here’s me with the finished product, just for fun.  If I look a little red it’s because it was WARM today.  Spring has come VERY early for Oklahoma!

It was a really easy, really cute idea that everyone thought was adorable.  Here are two of my Princesses accepting their proposals!(“Princesses” because I have decided to give them all Disney Princess nicknames.  They are Matron of Honor Rapunzel and Bridesmaids Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Cinderella.)

Bridesmaid Jasmine and I had lunch the Sunday after the Joker proposed.  We both hate this picture, which makes it okay that I posted it. 🙂

 After lunch was over, we realized we were right by Bridesmaid Belle’s work place and she was working so the Joker and I ambushed her at work to propose to her.  If you’ll look in her other hand, she’s holding the butterfly box!  Both girls were very excited and I had two of them down!

The name of the place Belle works was seen in the background. I did an AMAZING job hiding it.

So there it is.  There is my “unique” idea (it’s actually a really popular idea I’ve seen done a couple times, in fact I’m sure some of you have used the same idea!) for asking my Bridesmaids to be in my wedding. Hopefully I inspired you! If you did use this method, what did you do?  How was it different from mine? Anybody have a REALLY creative way to ask someone to be in your wedding???