Honoring Your Vows – Beautifully!

Posted by olive on Feb 09, 2011

Olive Dude and I have not yet come to the decision as to whether or not we will be going with traditional vows, completely writing our own, or somewhat mixing the two. Either way, I stumbled across GeeZee, an amazing artist’s Etsy shop, and fell in love with this idea for after we say our “I Do’s”.

GeeZee takes one of your wedding photos and digitally mounts it onto canvas. Then, using a font of your choice, they superimpose that over the photo. It can be a cute line between you and your Dude, or (the idea I love) your actual wedding vows. What a wonderful way to honor the words you said to each other, and make one of your wedding photos into actual art! I will definitely get one of these after Olive Dude and I get married.

Has anyone else thought of anything clever/artsy to do with the vows you exchanged?