Honeymoon in Paradise: Cabo San Lucas

Posted by lfrazier on Jul 13, 2012

Looking for a destination for your honeymoon that has all the ingredients to make for a romantically perfect time? You might want to explore the luxury resorts that help put Cabo San Lucas on the map as one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations.

Located on the very southern end of the Baja California peninsula, Caba combines a stunning landscape, beautiful Pacific waters and resorts that take pampering to a whole new level to make it an ideal place for honeymooners.

Here are just three of the reasons why this destination is great for couples celebrating their first adventure as husband and wife:

  • The things to do – It doesn’t matter how active or laid back you want your honeymoon to be, Cabo will deliver. Just imagine touring quaint shops, museums and restaurants one day and then going diving, fishing or hang gliding the next. You can even take a romantic horseback ride along the Pacific coastline. Cabo offers a little something for everyone from eco-tours and high-adventure sports to fantastic shopping and simple sunset watching. If dining and dancing are your idea  of fun, Cabo also has nightlife that’s only rivaled by a few other places in the world.
  • The resorts – Cabo is home to an incredible number of five-star resorts that take advantage of this area’s natural beauty to make them true gems. Many of the best destinations here are located right on the beach and boast staffs that know how to make guests feel welcome.   If something smaller and more intimate is desired, Cabo also boasts more than its share of boutique resorts that offer privacy and incredible service rolled into one.
  • The weather and geography – While not every day in Cabo is perfect, most are. This area is blessed with warm summers and very mild winters. The climate combines with the landscape to make Cabo a great place to visit just about any time of the year. The weather couples with the landscape to make Cabo a breathtaking destination. The area is not only graced with beautiful beaches, but it also has a mountainous landscape courtesy of the Sierra de la Giganta range.

If you want a honeymoon that combines incredible natural beauty with some of the best resorts in the world, Cabo is well worth the look. To find out more about what this famous Mexican seaside resort has to offer, just consult your honeymoon travel adviser.