Honeyfund – The Non-Traditional Way to Register

Posted by poinsettia on Mar 24, 2011

Poinsettia Dude & I have lived together for almost 3 years, which means that we are not in need of the typical registry items such as towels, sheets, pillows, silverware, dinnerware, etc.  Because we don’t really ‘need’ anything, it makes it difficult to set up a registry!  What do you give a couple who has everything?  Money! But of course, it is tacky and rude to ask for money…everyone knows that!  So we registered for the next best thing!  Our Honeymoon!

We found a honeymoon registry called HoneyFund!  I set up an account and designated gift contributions so guest can easily see what their cash contributions will go towards.  Instead of handing over $50 in a card, they would choose to pay for a portion of our flights or an excursion or anything else they wanted to help with.

Here is a sample of the “registry”:

(Source: honeyfund.com)

We have friends who used Honeyfund last summer and the contributions almost paid for their entire 10 day Costa Rican vacation! I secretly hope that our honeymoon registry will also be a success!