His and Her Drinks

Posted by wguys on Aug 25, 2010

While the Signature Drink is so yesterday, the updated version pays homage to both the bride and the groom. If one is good… TWO is even better!  So move over signature drink and make room for the bride to pick her favorite and the groom to pick his. Pairings can be exotic; imagine a Cosmo or Lavendar Martini for her served along side a Jagermeister or a Jager Bomb for him.  Take it a step further and include a pairing. Consider a Syrah paired with a Dark Chocolate Truffle and a drink from yester-years, the Manhattan along side a cigar. And you don’t have to always think about alcoholic drinks as many people are now lending selections as non-alcoholic drinks or even a small root-beer float shooter?  The combinations are endless and will give your guests a taste of your favorite drinks as well as something to talk about.