Hey, Mr. Postman!

Posted by mmaxfield on Apr 14, 2010


Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman


Wait Mr. Postman, Please Mister Postman, look and see,

(oh yeah)

if there is a letter in your bag for me…

Let’s hear it from the The Marvelettes!  They know just what it’s like to wait and wait for that letter from a boy friend. It’s all in the timing. For you, the bride-t0-be, you need to get your timing down, too. The Wedding Invitation timetable is critical. Don’t miss a beat. The entire wedding invitation process can take two or three months. This is from the day the invitations are ordered to the moment the guest receives the invitations in the mail. The length of time it takes to get the invitation to mail may depend on the size of your guest list. A larger wedding guest list will take more time.

Wedding Invitation Countdown!

  • Wedding invitation printing takes two to three weeks
  • Calligraphy Takes Two to Three Weeks
  • Stuffing and Stamping takes Two Days
  • Wedding Invitations Should be Sent Four to Six Weeks in Advance
  • Save the Dates Send Out The Sooner the Better

Hey, Mister. Postman, c’mon deliver the letter! While you are listening and dancing to the attached song, Hey Mr. Postman, here’s a few more caveats on timing. Wedding invitations should go out four weeks in advance unless the wedding is on a holiday weekend, then make it six weeks. Send it out too soon, and guests tend to forget.

P.S. Leave yourself a little wiggle room for delays, unforeseen challenges.

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