Glitter Shoes??? DIY!!

Posted by Cherry on Dec 19, 2011



I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have been very very busy with wedding preparations. I wanted to share my latest DIY project with you. I DIY-ed my shoes!! I was looking everywhere for some shoes that I wanted.. I ordered these:

Steve Madden

But the were just too high!


Then I was very upset! I really wanted glitter shoes. I looked at these:

I thought I would Dye these ones pink..

And these

And these



One of my wonderful bridesmaids helped me out and linked me to this wonderful article

I was sold! Glitter my own shoes??!? YES!


Now after some research I found this video-

DIY glitter shoes

which was the best technique for me. I used the Mod Podge instead of the Tacky glue though.


After all this… here are my shoes!

What do you all think??