Getting toned and ready!

Posted by lotus on Apr 12, 2012

Have y’all heard about this?? Quick, take a looksie!

I stumbled across this website about two weeks ago. Now, I love a good challenge. I like it better when it’s free. And quick! This promises that in four weeks, three times a week, in less than 15 minutes a session, I will be able to do 100 pushups. Seriously?

Can you imagine what my arms will look like in four weeks?!

I know I haven’t shared anything about my wedding dress. (We’re getting there!) I can assure you, having nice arms on my wedding day is priority numero uno in my book.

So! Two Tuesdays ago, I took the assessment test. I could do a whopping 11 pushups. Woohoo, go me! Now I just had to build up my stamina to do 89 more đŸ™‚

My first day of the program went like this:

Set 1: 10 push ups, rest for 60 seconds (this is cake, I’m thinking)

Set 2: 12 push ups, rest for 60 seconds (thinking I might die)

Set 3: 7 push ups, rest for 60 seconds (maybe I’m doing better)

Set 4: 7 push ups, rest for 60 seconds (now I’m doing great!)

Now comes the tough part because this is the part that counts — this is your MAX pushups, the number that you get to record in your on-line pushup logger.

Set 5: Must do at least 9, and I am proud to say that I did 12!

So even though I could only log 12, I actually did 48 push ups….and my arms still hurt for the next two days, I could barely lift them over my head!

You rest for a day in between, and then you slowly increase by a couple pushups per set each time.  And since it wouldn’t be fair for me to not document my progress, here I am on day one!

Ignore my awkward face, this is why I dislike candid photos! đŸ™‚

Today, I am on week two, day three, and I can successfully do 82 pushups in a workout, and 24 in a max set. After only two weeks! The improvement in my arms is insane as well, I am so impressed with myself! This is one workout that I will definitely be keeping up until the wedding. I don’t want crazy muscle arms in my dress, but I do really want nice, toned arms. Seriously, what girl doesn’t? And, okay, just to prove it, here I am on week two, day two!

Ignore my awkward pose, was trying to show off the new dress I got for my bachelorette party!

Has anyone else tried or heard of the hundred push up challenge? What are you doing to get into shape for your big day??