Garage Sale Finds!

Posted by moon on Jul 13, 2010

If you are anything like me, you are planning your wedding on a budget. If you, like Dalia Bud, are looking for interesting centerpiece ideas garage sales are a great place to find mason jars and vases at great prices. Especially if you like the mixy-matchy look that different styles/sizes brings. My wedding isn’t till September, so I have all summer to go perusing for great finds!  Today I just picked up this amazing find. I got it for a dollar without even knowing what it was. My wedding has a small Silver theme and I thought it looked interesting enough not to pass it up. Can anyone guess what it is? (Answer after the cut — see if you can guess without cheating)

Cell pic of "silver thing"

Ok, so after asking everyone at the garage sale what it was, the overwhelming “guess” was some “candle holder thing”. I brought it home to my mom without really having any idea what it was, and she said right off the bat — a wine bottle holder/pourer. Aparantly the silver top circle thing comes out and holds a wine bottle in it (with the hole for the label). It then screws on to hold the bottle in the contraption for use while pouring.  HOW PERFECT! We’ll put it at our “sweatheart” table with just Moon Dude and I, and maybe put it by the cake table for decoration before the cheese (cake) is being cut. It’ll match our cake topper,  toasting glasses, and everything (pictures to come)! I’m super excited.  So check out your neighbors for strange and economical finds for your wedding day. I’m sure you’ll find something special!