Fun & Unique Favors

Posted by pom on Oct 17, 2011

I was looking at pinterest yesterday and came across a neat idea called the Date Can.  Basically, this is something to do for a shower but I’m thinking about doing it for the wedding.

The idea is this, you think of, or in my case google “date ideas,” and make a list of all the unique or fun ones.  Print them out, you can even do this on fun paper, and then cut the dates out and put all of them in a can.  Your guests can then pick a date that they can take their significant other on.  What I’m planning on doing as well is giving this as a “wedding gift” to a friend of mine.  Don’t worry, I’m not just going to show up with a tin can with paper in it and gift it to her 🙂  You see, my friend is a big gamer, not in the online gaming kind of way but she is always thinking up fun games for people to play when they come over for dinner so I thought that along with some swag and a gift card for her wedding I would also attach an envelope to a bottle of champagne, which would have a tag of its own that said “Live, Love and be…Bubbly!”,  that says the following:

” 12 fun dates for 2012!  Reach in when you’re feeling spontaneous.  Take a photo of your date for your memory book!”

Naturally, I will also get a fun photo album and stick a tag on it that says “memory book.”

Weddings are about fun and love so I’m hoping this gift will exude both and stand out from the usual envelope of cash…which is also nothing to frown upon 🙂

Here’s a photo of what got my creative juices churning.

What fun diy ideas do you have for favors?