Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Posted by morningglory on Mar 13, 2012

I’m currently in the hunt for a florist for our wedding in September (OMG almost 6 months to go?!) but I have to admit I’m kind of wishy-washy about what I actually want.

My first route (to save some money) was to just have the florist do the bouquets, guys’ boutonnieres and our parents’ corsage/boutonnieres and I would DIY the centerpieces. Even with the help of Google Images and Pinterest, I can’t find something “non-flowery” that catches my eye without being boring.

Then, I tried to find simple fake/silk flower centerpieces that would be easy to make and transport. I found some ideas, but pricing everything out had me come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be significantly cheaper than the real thing and I would be doing the work!

Now, I’ve met with one florist who I found on Wedding Wire that came highly recommended. I went in the consultation with the attitude that “I don’t really know what I want” but reading the reviews the girl that runs the company had many positive comments like “I totally didn’t know what I want and she made suggestions that ended up being exactly what I wanted!” So I figured, OK she’s the expert, let’s go with it… The truth is, I wasn’t impressed. The only thing I was confident in was my bouquet and the boys’ boutonnieres and I gave her a picture of exactly what I wanted for those! She kept veering off into a different direction then what I wanted and kept trying to tell me that I was doing too much and that I should keep it simple. This was discouraging.

Another thing I hate to admit, I absolutely hate vendor shopping. It hurts my head. Most of my vendors came recommended by friends whose weddings I had already gone to, so I knew they were the real deal. The only big thing I’m left with now is the florist.

I went to a second florist and hit it off with her immediately. She had great ideas, had a ton of pictures and was extremely easy to talk to. I know next to nothing when it comes to flowers, so the biggest thing with me was pictures. Not only that, but I felt like it was destiny (cue eye-roll) because the second I told her about the story behind our color scheme, I knew that she would have no problems putting together ideas for centerpieces. She happens to be the florist that does all the arrangements for the suites at the Redskins game and she works directly with Dan Snyder and his wife when it comes to flowers at their events! Our colors are Red/Yellow/Black because he is a Redskins fan and I’m a Steelers fan. Perfect.

She is just about the same price as the first florist, but luckily we get twice as much with her. If I went with the ideas the first florist, it would have cost less with her so I like to tell myself I’m getting a deal 🙂 Now, MG Bear and I just have to get it approved by his parents so we can put down the deposit.

Did you have any trouble meeting with vendor’s? How many did you have to meet with until you found “the one”? Here’s to hoping I can get this knocked out sooner than later! The clock is ticking!!!!