DIY: Flower Monogram

Posted by bridalbuds on Jan 29, 2009

I took advantage of my long weekend to craft like mad. These flower monograms are just a small taste of all of the things I’ve been working on. They’re going to be hung on the double door entrance to the ballroom where we’re having our reception.

Off I went to The Flower Factory to pick up some silk flowers, and then jetted over to Michael’s to snag some wooden letters.


Silk flowers (1.39/stem)

Wooden letters (something like 2.50/each)

Hot gluegun/glue




I chose 3 stems of the deep blue hydrangeas, as my wedding colors are deep blue and celadon.

I pulled all of the flowers off of the little plastic stems.

Marked a grid, 1/2″ x 1/2″ on one of my letters.

Start GLUING! Each little flower in a square.

My letters aren’t very large, so I trimmed some of the petals along the edge to give it more definition and make it resemble a ‘J’ a little more.

And, the finished product (sort of):

I intend to attach a wide silk ribbon to the back, and hang it from the ribbon… but I forgot to buy it when I was out picking up supplies. On the whole, an inexpensive, (however time consuming) way to personalize some of your decorations.