Floral Favors as Centerpieces

Posted by tkau on Jul 13, 2009

I was recently a guest at a wedding where one of the guests at my table called dibs on the centerpiece as soon as he sat down!  Though it was in good fun, we all knew he was pretty serious as no one said anything when that centerpiece ended up next to him as soon as the coffee and tea was served!

To avoid potential stand-offs at your wedding and instead of asking the DJ to announce awkward games to determine who gets to take home the centerpiece, why not use a dual function centerpiece that serves as table decor as well as wedding favors for guests to take home?  This way everyone gets a piece of the e and not to mention, using favors as centerpieces is great for the budget conscious or DIY bride!

All images from marthastewart.com

All images from marthastewart.com

Little individual potted plants make great wedding favors and when grouped together can form a beautiful centerpiece.  You can use all the same plant in uniform ceramic planters or collections of different plants in the same color scheme.  Flowering plants can help mimic a conventional floral centerpiece, but herbs and succulents can work just as beautifully.  Everyone loves orchids and they come in a wealth of different sizes and colors.  Just group together a variety of different orchids in 3″ pots in the same color – such as cymbidium, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, and cattleya.  Small potted plants, herbs, and orchids can run from $2 to $15 each, depending on whether you or your florist puts together the “favors”.

Don’t be limited to potted plants when considering favors as centerpieces.  The “favor” could be a lovely basket of locally grown fruit or vegetables in gorgeous vibrant colors.  Think berries, apples, tomatoes, or peaches, as well as less conventional items like figs, artichokes, and mushrooms!  The “favor” could also be interesting bud vases – vintage containers would work well like milk bottles, metal tins, medicine bottles, and laboratory beakers and flasks.  Insert a single stem of dahlia, rose, peony or any other type of flower.  Group all 10 of the favor bottles together on each table and you’ve got a beautifully decorated reception table for every guest to get a piece of!