Fitness funk…

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 11, 2011

Help! For those who know me, you know I’m a pretty avid gym go-er. However, I’m in a rut right now. I can’t seem to find the motivation to go! I think part of the issue is that Apricot Dude, who is a teacher, is home for the summer. Usually, I wake up when he does and go to the gym. However, now he sleeps till 9!

What I need to be doing!!!!

I have heard some people recommend the website but I’m not too sure about it. I signed up but already unsubscribed from all the newsletters because they sent me about 92338 a day, well, maybe not that many. Anywho- I’m going to go and chat with some people at the gym when we get back from vacation about possible personal training packages. Do any of you Bride-to-be’s out there have any success stories about personal trainers? I need to get out of this fitness funk ASAP!!