Fitness as my Witness

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 26, 2011

Today, I bought a scale. Yupp. I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet, but just the knowledge that it is sitting there waiting for me is a little more than daunting. That’s right. I’m officially on the “getting more fit for my wedding” bandwagon. That dress won’t look fabulous by itself (okay.. yes it would, but I’d still like to do my part ;)).

Kicking my butt into gear!

Let me explain. I’m currently a size up from my usual due to a very severe ankle sprain that occurred a few months ago in while in Ireland (two words: Irish cider). This kept me on the couch for a week and off the running track for almost three months. I’d definitely like to be back to my usual size if not a size smaller by the big day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those brides that purposefully ordered her dress several sizes too small as an “incentive” to lose weight. My dress fit just fine when I tried it on in the bridal shop. And due to my shape and the cut of the dress (pear-shape for me, a-line with a fitted bodice and voluminous bottom for the dress), I can easily go up or down a few sizes and it will still fit me perfectly; a small blessing of being a pear girl is that my top half has stayed the same size no matter what and is therefore one less thing I have to worry about looks-wise. While a belly bulge is something that won’t be apparent in my gown, my arms will be out in their full glory. And you had better bet that I’ll be sporting some toned and sexy limbs that day! Time to get to lifting weights, I suppose!

Another motivation to tweak my fitness is the honeymoon! Clearly the future hubs is very attracted to me. But if we choose a tropical destination I’d like to not have to worry about covering up my “trouble areas” for the camera; you’re supposed to have fun and be carefree on your honeymoon! I’d love to be able to give my fiance the gift of me not being anxious about how I look in a swimsuit/photographs.

No dressing room freak-outs for me!

And so, here begins my journey! I’ll be stepping on the scale tomorrow morning. Dun dun dunnnnn! Have you Buds included fitness into your wedding planning? What are your goals?